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Welcome to your source of unique products, services, and educational tools.  See why Harrison Ford, Prince Charles, Heads of State, Government Institutions and others seek our services and products here at rarematerial.com






We design and build custom interiors and furnishings for many individuals. Unusual materials and carving details highlight many of these projects.                                     more             A treasure box made with 9 different woods, 3 metals and green turquoise stone. The box has 518 components and 16 compartments.                  more                 Some unique materials we have collected for research and study. We span the globe.   more


 At work in one of our labs researching and analyzing materials for clients.             more


Harrison Ford, one of our repeat clients for our services, is enjoying his new table and chairs in his new dinning room..              more  


The challenges faced while gathering materials and objects for clients can be demanding.  These expeditions are also very educational.      more  


We travel the world to obtain materials and objects for our clients. This has lead to many unusual learning opportunities.  Look at our on going projects and or collection trips, see what it really takes to do this.



Our clients and projects are unique, we have supplied services to many well known individuals, heads of state, governments, institutions, corporate clients and many  private collectors.



Our level of success in our projects is directly connected to our ability to research, study, prepare, and apply our knowledge to a plan of action. The learning never stops.

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