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Introducing Sophie!  She is the model for the label on Bunny Boogie Products.  She lives with Jim and Andrea Lorette, the founders of Bunny Boogie Products.  She joined the family when she was full grown, so her age is unknown.  Her previous owner called her Patches.  Jim and Andrea renamed her Sophie and sometimes call her Sophie Girl or Sophie Lyn.  She is an inside bunny that gradually acquired the run of the living room.  She loves sun bathing and lying near the wood stove in the winter.  She gets so excited when she knows treats are on the way.  She hears a wrapper crinkle, or the right word said, and she is off; she is a blur as she races around the room in figure eight patterns, each lap being different than the last.


In the beginning Sophie had a cage with shavings and attached was a carpeted play pen.  Andrea often took Sophie out of her pen and onto the couch for a snuggle and nap under the blanket.  Sophie was hard to catch one day so Andrea took that as a sign that Sophie did not want to join her, so she left Sophie in her pen.  Peering through the bars at Andrea sleeping without her soon became unbearable.  Sophie took it upon herself to leap up out of her cage, over the wire fence, and onto the couch to join Andrea.  Andrea woke up startled knowing that she had gone to sleep alone and now there was something hopping all over her.  This was the beginning of Sophie's freedom.  She soon figured out that the carpet on the living room floor must be similar in texture to the carpet in her pen, and off she went.


Sophie enjoys having the run of the living room where she can freely hop around.


Sophie hops up onto the furniture on her own.  Seen here early in the morning on the living room chair.  There are several area rugs in the living room with small spaces of bare floor between.  Sophie hops from one rug to the next like a frog hopping from lily pad to lily pad.



Sophie loves snacking on fresh fruit and vegetables.  Here she is enjoying some sugar snap peas.  When her ears are relaxed, like seen in this photo, she holds her right ear a little higher than the left, which is how Jim drew her on the Bunny Boogie Products label.



Sophie is looking down from the back of the couch.



Sophie is giving bunny kisses to Andrea.



Sophie loves snuggling and sleeping with Jim on the couch.


Sophie tolerates being zipped up inside Andrea's fleece top.  During the winter months they seem to enjoy each other's warmth.


Sophie is eagerly waiting for Jim to wake up, knowing she will get a treat.


Jim and Sophie are enjoying an afternoon snuggle on the couch


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