Bunny Boogie Products
Westmoreland ~ Made in USA ~ New Hampshire
Specialty creams, soaps, & polishes
for restoring natural beauty.
Andrea Lorette Jim Lorette
No animal testing.


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Skin Care ~ Creams, Butters & Balms

Skin Care ~ Soaps & Srubs

Polish, Protect, & Potpourri Spray

Gift Boxes, Kits, & Note Cards

Lotion & Creams

Hand & Belly Butter

Cuticle Cream

Boo Boo Balm

Hand Butter

Lip Balm

Foot Balm

Lip Balm


























Salt & Sugar Body & Foot Scrubs

Celtic Tree Soap

Bunny Soap

Hen with Eggs Soap

Honey Bee Soap

Bee Soap

Horse Soap

Cone Soap

Cow Soap

Flower Soap

Bee on Flower Soap

Grape Leaf Soap

Potpourri Spray

Jewelry Cleaning Kit

Boot Wax

Wood Polish















































Make Your Own Gift Box

Note Cards

Mini Soaps in Gift Box

Jewelry Cleaning Kit

Make Your Own Gift Box













































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