Bunny Boogie Products
Westmoreland ~ Made in USA ~ New Hampshire
Specialty creams, soaps, & polishes
for restoring natural beauty.
Andrea Lorette Jim Lorette
No animal testing.  Our skin care products are designed for external use on humans.


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Skin Care ~ Creams, Butters & Balms

Skin Care ~ Soaps & Scrubs

Polish, Protect, & Potpourri Spray

Gift Boxes, Kits, & Note Cards


Mini Gift Box ~ vegetable based ingredients.  You receive a gift box with a tube of lip balm, 2 soaps, & 2 tins of your choice below.
 Yes, I'd like to purchase this for $20.
Tube of Lip Balm:
1/4 oz tin:
1/2 oz tin:
Small Soap:
Small Soap:




Note Cards with Envelopes ~ These are prints of original graphite sketches drawn by Jim Lorette.  They are $4 each.  Any combination of 4 cards for $14.
 Yes, I'd like to purchase.
Quantity: Looking Back (top left)
Quantity: Snuggling (top center)
Quantity: Belly (top right)
Quantity:  Portrait (middle left)
Quantity: Bathing (middle center)
Quantity: Boots (middle right)
Quantity: Dancing (bottom left)
Feet (bottom center)
Quantity: Sleepy (bottom right)



Jewelry Cleaning Kit ~ This kit contains special polishing wipes that clean, polish, and protect metals. A specialty wax designed to clean and protect pearl, shell, metal, wood, leather, stone, bone, horn, paper, and more. Included is a micro brush for those tight areas, applicators, and burnishing clothes. The kit is $25 each, or you can purchase the small 1/4 oz. tin of Jewelry Polish for only $10.
 Yes, I'd like to purchase.
 Quantity:  Jewelry Cleaning Kits
Quantity: Small 1/4 oz. Tins of Jewelry Polish



 Quantity: Woodchuck (left)
Quantity: Baby Belly (center)
Quantity: Bobcat (right)

Quantity: Skunk (left)
Quantity: Raccoon (center)
Quantity: Opossum (right)


Mini Soaps in Gift Box ~ vegetable based soaps.  Each box will have a variety of colors and fragrances (colors my vary from what is seen here).
$7 per box
 Yes, I'd like to purchase.
Quantity:  ~ A ~ 3 cats + 3 dogs
Quantity ~ B ~ 2 cars, 2 trucks, 1 heart
Quantity:  ~ C ~ 4 cats + 2 hearts
Quantity:  ~ D ~ 6 variety
Quantity ~ E ~ 5 hearts
Quantity ~ F ~ 6 bears
Quantity:  ~ G ~ 8 music
Quantity:  ~ H ~ 3 dogs + 2 hearts








Quantity: Bear (left)
Quantity: Fox (center)
Quantity: Porcupine (right)

Quantity: Baby Squirrel Holding Nut (top left)
Quantity: Bunny Snacking (top center)
Quantity: 2 Chipmunks w/ Cone (top right)
Quantity:  2 Bunnies w/ Clover (bottom left)
Quantity: Bunny Spinach Snacking (bottom center)
Quantity: Bunny Washing (bottom right)



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