Jayelay JLA Jewelers
Westmoreland ~ Made in USA ~ New Hampshire
Each piece is handmade by Andrea & Jim Lorette.  They create hand forged jewelry made of genuine solid metals, real gemstones, and other natural materials. Their castings are derived from their original carvings, treasures found in nature, or objects from ancient times. They make their own tools and use
fold forming and anticlastic techniques in their designs.

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Artists’ Bio

Andrea Lorette

Andrea grew up in Westmoreland, NH.  At birth, Andrea’s parents gave her the initials “ARS” meaning “art” in Latin.  This fueled her parents’ desire to encourage the creative arts from day one.  She discovered her love of jewelry making in middle school.  During high school she had her own jewelry making business selling her work in retail stores.  She graduated from Keene State College (KSC) with a Bachelors of Arts degree where she minored in art.  While attending KSC she traveled to Italy and China to study art with her professors.  Andrea has continued her studies and love of art through her jewelry.  She is always exploring and applying new techniques and materials that make way for new designs and refinement in her work.  Living the dream of designing and making jewelry provides a fascinating life journey.

Jim Lorette

Jim grew up in Surry, NH.  He discovered his love for woodworking in high school and later formed the company www.rarematerial.com.  Jim is self taught; continually reading approximately 100 books a year and enjoys hands on learning.  He has worked for the Smithsonian, US secret service, NASA and other public and private organizations.  Some of his private clients include Harrison Ford, Madonna, Jed Johnson, the late Princess Diana, King Fahd and others. Jim is a materials specialist; his work is often highlighted with unusual materials, techniques and carvings.  Working with high profile designers and customers, building pieces that incorporate multi mediums such as wood, stone, shell, metals and other unusual commodities has challenged and expanded Jim’s knowledge and experience with these mediums.  While incorporating these skills of cutting gemstones, casting metals, creating unique designs and using unusual materials, Jim is continually developing his abilities through the creativity process.  Constantly learning and applying that knowledge to his work has been a key to attracting success.


Jim and Andrea met in March of 2000 while working on a creative project together.  Their first interaction was magnetic.  Their mutual love of art and creativity is a renewing bond for them.  They married and joined forces to form the company Jayelay Jewelers.  The name Jayelay was derived by spelling their monogram “JLA” phonetically.  They collaborate to make wearable artwork.

Adventures While Acquiring Materials

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