Jayelay JLA Jewelers
Westmoreland ~ Made in USA ~ New Hampshire
Each piece is handmade by Andrea & Jim Lorette.  They create hand forged jewelry made of genuine solid metals, real gemstones, and other natural materials. Their castings are derived from their original carvings, treasures found in nature, or objects from ancient times. They make their own tools and use
fold forming and anticlastic techniques in their designs.

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Alligator Cuff Bracelet

Materials: Wooly Mammoth Tusk, Sterling Silver, Mother of Pearl shell, Horn, and Nu Gold.




The Guardian

Lunar Illuminations
of the Deep

The Guardian

The “Mysteries of the Deep” series is an exploration into the mythological legends of the guardians of the deep.  The guardians have been a mystery throughout known history. Legend has it that they guard many secrets and objects of great power, for the good of mankind. The darkness of the deep conceals and secures the evidence of the ancient past.  It is said that the guardians possess the power to change shape from one form of beauty to another (women or octopi).  Similar to the legend, we transform raw materials to reveal their hidden beauty and pay homage to the mysteries of the deep.  see more

Cod Fish Stone Earrings

Made with Cod Fish Stones and Sterling Silver.



Sea Horse Pendant

Fine Silver casting from a real sea horse specimen, mounted onto textured sterling silver, framed in Nu Gold, with a Crystal adornment, on a Sterling Silver Chain.


Sea Glass Necklace

Made of natural formed Sea Glass (provided by the client) and Sterling Silver.