Walpole Artisans Cooperative
Unique locally made gifts, original artwork handcrafted by juried members.
The shop is run as a cooperative, by the artisans themselves.
Located at 52 Main Street in Walpole, NH.  Open 7 days a week.
Tuesday-Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm, Sunday & Monday 11:30am-3:00pm.

603.756.3020     walpoleartisans@myfairpoint.net     Mailing address: PO Box 1084 Walpole, NH 03608

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Artist Carolyn Kemp & customer Diane Mason.

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14th Annual Walpole Artisans Tour brochure.

New Artist Reception featuring the work of photographer Stephen Gehlbach, harp maker Joellen Knight, and painter Anne Ward.


The public is invited to a reception at the Walpole Artisans Cooperative, 52 Main Street in downtown Walpole, NH. This group of talented artisans is pleased to welcome four new members into their gallery: Susan Roston, fused glass artist; Jason Ballard, custom woodworker; Tim Campbell, folk artist; and Philip H. Morgan, realistic bird sculptor. Guests will be treated to light refreshments as they meet the artisans and enjoy each new member’s work.

Susan Roston‘s work can be seen not only at the Walpole Artisans retail shop, but online at pinterest.com/sroston/; sros-ton.artfire.com; and on facebook.com/shimmerlinglass. A resident of Jaffery, NH Susan works in her home studio, firing glass in a kiln that rises to 1500 degrees where separate pieces of glass are permanently joined (fused) to create what she describes as “a puzzle, combining different shapes of glass to form pictures or designs”. These amazing assemblages inspire images of an ice cold landscapes, a mountain lake or a brilliant sunset. Each piece is freestanding, mounted on a custom-made stand that supports the glass and makes placement totally flexible. Recently Susan added fused glass jewelry to the Walpole shop. The same look and technique that one sees in her landscape pieces is miniaturized in pins and pendants as wear-able art.

Jason Ballard, who designs custom woodwork, comes to the gallery from Grafton, VT. Jason’s website says it all “My Minds De-sign” (www.mymindsdesign.com). Featured in the Walpole gallery are small tables, unique in style and material, just perfect as a focus piece in any setting, as well as carved bowls that rival nature’s own creations. Jason’s studio at 217 Main St. in Grafton, VT showcases this self-taught designer and builder who started his own business in 2008 and stresses that working one-on-one with a customer creates a personalized design that ranges from the simple to the amazingly exotic. Seeing Jason’s work in person is a treat to the eye as well as the hand.

Our third new member, Tim Campbell is as likely found with his Jack Russell Terrier, Otis, as he is with his art in and around Keene, NH. The two go hand-in-hand. Reading about Tim on his website: tcampbellart.com, re-minds one of the lighter side of art. Tim’s creations inspire thought and humor, sometimes giving found objects a new lease on life and sometimes commenting on the social, political in his folk art. It’s easy to see why Tim’s work was selected by “Early American Life” magazine as the 2010 Best and Listed in The Di-rectory of Traditional American Crafts. Tim’s cards, postcards and Giclee prints are a wonderful addition to the shop’s collection and with Tim’s promise to include some “Walpole” sites soon, the local customers will be thrilled.

Philip H. Morgan, realistic bird sculptor, goes by the nomenclature “Wooden Wings”. With the expertise of an artist and the background of one who has spent his career in the out-of-doors as a park ranger, the realism of Phil’s birds is truly awe inspiring. The delicate detail, the texture and color of each species is what Phil strives for and based on the sales he has experienced throughout New England, it’s safe to say he has been very successful. In addition to his full bodied, life sized carvings Phil produces his “FEATHERED FRIENDS BACKSCRATCHERS”. These backscratchers have become today’s Folk Art, as they not only serve a purpose but are pleasing to the eye. A visit to the Walpole Artisans will be worth the trip to see all of Phil’s work.

Walpole Artisans Cooperative is open 7 days a week. Sun & Mon11:30-3:00, and Tue-Sat 10- 5. The retail shop/gallery is located at 52 Main Street, Walpole NH. 603 756-3020. For artist who may be interested in joining the cooperative, stop in and talk with the artist of the day who is working in the shop that day, or download an application here on our website.

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An evening of music, art, food, and fun happened

Saturday, June 25, 2016 in Walpole, NH. 
The evening featured two bands: "3rd Rail" a classic rock band and "The River Traveler" country,

a silent and live auction, food, beverages, and more.

Annual membership dinner and meeting held March 30, 2016 at David Howell's studio.

Sharyn Tullar, Jeff Lessels, & Bob Taylor

Carla Boyington, Andrea Lorette, & Jim Lorette

Susan Roston, David Howell, & Susan Riach

Wayne Cotton & Joe Beer

Loribeth Robare & Chris Sherwin

Virginia Wyoming, Carolyn Kemp, & Donna Lund


We hosted two concerts to benefit Parks Place. Admission was by donation. People enjoyed live music, beverages, finger food, and had an opportunity to participate in a silent auction of original artwork.


Benefit Concerts October 3 & 9

Tim Baucom & Andrew Morehouse of Walcrik
& Mick Reed
Two Benefit Concerts in support of Parks Place Community Resource Center

The community is invited to two musical events coming in October, the first to take place on Saturday night October 3rd and the second on Friday night October 9th. The Walpole Artisan Cooperative is hosting the performances, both of which will be held at the Howell Studio, 250 Old Keene Rd, Walpole, NH.

These two events are a "thank you" gift to everyone who patronizes the Walpole Artisan gallery and equally as important, they are a gift of social wellbeing to a community center that focuses its resources on human services. Parks Place directly benefits the residents of northeastern Windham County and adjoining areas, an area where many families live below the poverty level. The Walpole Artisans feel very strongly that supporting Parks Place is an important way of giving back to the community.

In addition to great music, there will be finger food and beverages provided by the members of the gallery who will also donate original fine art and crafts to both an art raffle and silent auction. Donations will be accepted to help cover costs, and proceeds from the raffle and silent auction will go to Parks Place in Bellows Falls to support their services.

Parks Place Community Resource Center is a "HUB" that provides community members a safe and accessible location to make lasting, positive changes in their lives. People struggling to overcome hardships need multiple support systems because problems such as substance abuse or unemployment are rarely one-dimensional or simple to solve.


Tim Baucom and Andrew Morehouse of Walcrik –

  Saturday October 3, 2015 Doors open at 6:30 PM


The Bozeman, Montana based folk/Americana duo Walcrik have been playing music together since 2005 when Andrew Morehouse and Tim Baucom met while attending the University of New Hampshire. With folk, bluegrass, traditional and rock influences, the two have built a repertoire of harmony-centric songs that are inspired by both their rural Northeastern roots and their time wandering the West. Walcrik released its debut EP in 2014.

Mick Reed –

Friday October 9, 2015 Doors open at 6:30 PM


Mick Reed is a native New Englander whose music and lyrics are rooted in traditional Americana songs and storytelling. He blends elements of Country, Blues, Jazz, and Bluegrass to form original tunes with a timeless feel. His first CD, “Courtney’s Farm”, features an all-star cast including a duet with the multi -platinum selling Jazz singer Madeleine Peyroux. His second album, "Goodnight, Texas", was released in January 2011 and received glowing reviews. His third album, “Beaver Falls”, was released in 2014. Loudon Wainwright III recorded one of Mick’s tunes in the Spring of 2015 for a feature-length documentary. Mick regularly performs his music in New York and throughout New England, where he is a fixture on the roots circuit. In addition to his music, Mick produces and directs for television and film where he has earned many awards.



 On Tuesday, July 14, 2015 from 11 am - 6:30 pm

at the Walpole Artisans Cooperative

David G. Howell

featured works in celebration of Bastille Day



The Howell Studio at 250 Old Keene Rd in Walpole is easily accessed fro

Carla Boyington & her husband.

Wayne Cotton & his family.

Susan Riach & her husband.

Deborah Dupell & her parents.

Images from the 12th Annual Walpole Artisan Event

Bob Taylor ~ Metal Sculpture

David Howell ~ Portrait Sketches, Acrylic Paintings, & Note Cards
(click on this picture to visit David's website)

Deb Dupell ~ Handwoven Scarves, Rugs & Table Runners
(Click on this picture to go to Deb's facebook page)


Loribeth Robare ~ Handmade Dolls & Vintage Inspired Goods
(click on this picture to view Loribeth's facebook page)

Andrea & Jim Lorette ~ Hand Forged Jewelry (Jayelay Jewelers) & Specialty Creams, Soaps & Polished for Restoring Natural Beauty (Bunny Boogie), Custom Furniture & Interiors with Secrets (Rare Materail), Wooden Cooking & Serving Utensils & Decorative Eggs (Slaymaker Designs).
Click on this picture to visit the Slaymaker Designs facebook page.

Jeff Lessels ~ Custom Furniture, Stools, & Utensils


Mary Anne Knapp ~ Polymer Clay Jewelry & Ornaments
Click on this picture to visit Mary Anne's facebook page.

Randy Hicks ~ Chip Carved Lamps, Jewelry Boxes & Home Decor

Jim & Andrea Lorette ~ Special Creams, Soaps & Polished for Restoring Natural Beauty (Bunny Boogie).  Click on this picture to visit Bunny Boogie on facebook.


Donna Lund ~ Water Color Paintings, Pastels, & Note Cards
Click on this picture to visit Donna's facebook page.

Randy Hicks ~ Chip Carved Lamps, Jewelry Boxes & Home Decor

Mary Anne Knapp ~ Polymer Clay Jewelry & Ornaments
Click on this picture to view Mary Anne's facebook page.


David Howell ~ Portrait Sketches, Acrylic Paintings, & Note Cards
Click on this picture to visit David's facebook page.

Deb Dupell & Andrea Lorette ~ During the event they both happened to be wearing each other's creations.  They are both wearing hand forged heart earrings made by Jim & Andrea Lorette of Jayelay Jewelers.  Andrea is wearing a hand woven chenille scarf made by Deb Dupell.

Jim Lorette ~ Custom Furniture, Mystery Treasure Boxes & Interiors
with Secrets (Rare Material).  Click on this picture to watch a video
which reveals some of the hidden compartments within this box.


Jim and Andrea Lorette ~ Hand forged Jewelry (Jayelay Jewelers)
Click on this picture to visit their website.

Jim and Andrea Lorette ~ Specialty Creams, Soaps, & Polishes for Restoring Natural Beauty (Bunny Boogie).  Click on this picture to visit their website.

Jim and Andrea Lorette ~ Wooden Cooking & Serving Utensils (Slaymaker Designs) and Wood Collection vol. 1 book published by Rare Material.  Click on this picture to visit the Rare Material website.


Images from the 11th Annual Walpole Artisan Tour

David G. Howell, Robin Stronk, Jim Lorette, Carolyn Kemp, Joanne Smith, Darren Honey, & Andrea Lorette

Andrea & Jim Lorette

Carolyn Kemp


Darren Honey

David G. Howell

Joanne Smith


Robin Stronk

Josiah Beer

Donna Bascom Lund


Mary Anne Knapp

Chris Sherwin

Randy Hicks

Previous Events



David Howell

Carolyn Kemp & Jeanette Lovett

Darren Honey

Jeanette Lovett




Getting our float ready for the 2011 Walpole Old Home Day Parade.

Bill Shannon & SharynTullar


Bill Shannon & David Howell


Darren Honey


In the July 2011 Walpole Old Home Day Parade: Darren Honey, Sharyn Tullar, Loribeth Robare, David Howell, Bill Shannon & Dutchie Perron.


    Visit us at our shop, the Walpole Artisans Cooperative, located at 52 Main Street in Walpole, NH.  We're open 7 days a week!